We are…

Power Hands Plantation (Pvt) Ltd is a company with a vision to serve the environment and support trading on exports from the country while creating Green Investment Opportunities to provide high returns to its investors thereby creating a flourishing Green Future. Vanilla is one of the most expensive spices in the world, coming second only to saffron as it can be quite labor-intensive to produce and harvest. Despite how expensive it is, vanilla is quite sort after in both commercial and domestic purposes for perfumes, baking, and aromatherapy. Thanks to its many uses you will find that there will always be a high demand for vanilla; and that is what we, at Power Hands are preparing for. To ensure that the high demand is met with quality products, while also ensuring the projects are sustainable and give back to the country and the environment.

We are confident in our ability to redefine the investment industry in Sri Lanka. We believe that undoubtedly time and time again, agro plantation returns are a win-win solution for all investors, future generations, and mother earth. Join us in one of the most exciting ventures looking towards a green future that puts the environment on the spotlight. Agriculture was sustainable for our ancestors and we can return to such a co-dependant situation between human beings and nature.

Our Concept...

Our core business concept primarily revolves around environmental conservation. Land protection, water protection and air protection are the key elements of focus in our daily operations. To establish best practices that will aim to create a scenario of zero negative impact on the environment, we hope to adopt a 100% environmentally friendly culture.

As a nature-friendly plantation company, our main goals are:

  • To bring a good export income / foreign yield to the country.
  • To supply vanilla yearly to fulfil the local and international market demands.
  • To encourage people to opt for Green Investments with the hope of remarkable returns in a short period.
  • To build a company that could serve the environment, the people and the country’s economy.
  • To open an investment market to people of any age with easy payment plans.