Who we are

 Power Hands Plantation is a company encompassed with a vision to serve the environment, support trading economy on exports of the country creating green investment opportunities to provide high returns to the investors creating a flourished green future.

We cultivate “Vanilla” (a plant from Orchid family) in our own lands. ”Vanillin” is the main product extracted from Vanilla. It is known as the 2nd most expensive and demand spice in the international market. Vanilla is used as a flavor ingredient in the confectionery industry, Perfumery, pharmaceutical industries.

Our core business concept primarily revolves around environmental conservation. Land protection, water protection and air protection are key elements of focus in our daily operations. In an effort to encompass best practices that aim to create a scenario of zero negative impact on the environment we adopt a 100% Environmental friendly culture.

We are confident of our ability to redefine the investment industry in Sri Lanka by proving undoubtedly time and time again that agro plantation returns are a win-win solution for all investors, future generations and for Mother Earth.

Let's grow together both in greenery & wealth ...

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Our Cultivation

Plant Description

Vanilla planifolia a species of vanilla orchid.
V. planifolia is a vine. It uses its fleshy roots to support itself as it grows.

Products and Uses

Vanillin is the main product extracted from vanilla. It is used as a flavor ingredient in the confectionery Industry, perfumery, and pharmaceutical industries.

Export Demand

There is a demand for natural carbonic products which in turn creates a demand for natural Sri Lankan vanilla from countries like the UK, Japan, Europe, Denmark, France, Canada and Germany. While the world market demand annually for Vanilla is 28,000 metric tons, only 3,500 to 4,000 tones are produced where Synthetic vanilla fills the vacuum.

Major Growing Areas

In Sri Lanka vanilla is mainly confined as a home garden crop grown in mid and low country wet zone. Total extent is less than 100ha. and the main growing areas are Kandy, Gampaha, Ratnapura, Nuweraeliya, Matale,Kurunegala and Kegalle districts.

Our Objectives

  • To bring an export income to the country.
  • To supply Vanilla yearly to fulfill the local and international market vacuum.
  • To encourage people for green investment for remarkable re-tunes in a short period of time.
  • To build a company that could serve the environment, people and support the country economy.

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